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Michael is an aspiring landscape photographer whose work is shaped by the genuine love he has for discovery and nature. The pure enjoyment for the outdoors is what sparked this deeply rooted passion of creating through photography. It is Michael's way of spending time outside, being in nature, and sharing what he sees. Although he may not always come away with an image that he is thrilled about, just being out by the ocean is always beautiful in itself. This is because, in his opinion, you cannot force creativity in order to obtain an image. It is only the unique, authentic moments that will spark him to release the shutter. Moments that cause him to see, feel, and connect. That "Decisive Moment".

Born and raised in a small, coastal town, Michael has been drawn to the ocean from a very young age. Since 2015, after buying his first camera, Michael has become infatuated with this new creative outlet of his. Through his photographs he invites others to embrace the natural beauty of beaches, oceans, and shorelines.

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